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Nombre Redondo

This is an interactive piece where the user has to type their name and a mandala is created based on the keys that are pressed. Our purpose with this project is to show people’s unique and diverse identities. Individuals’ names are generally the first thing we identify them with. This is why we decided to create mandalas based on each letter of people’s names. However, although two people may have the same name, this obviously does not mean they share the same identity. Thus, we want to express this through the implementation of certain degree of randomness in our work while also allowing the user to interact with the piece and decide whether to change certain styles of the mandala or not. So even if the same name is typed several times, the final design will not be repeated.

MANDALA. Mandalas are religious representations of the universe.  Each person is a universe; each person is a mandala.
NAME. People identify us by our names. However, this does not mean that people with the same name share the same identity.
INFINITE. Infinite amounts of identities must be represented through an infinite amount of possibilities for the mandalas.
FLOURISH. Something that is flourishing is considered to be in a well-being state; flourishing and growing is always positive. This is why our mandalas grow as they are user presses the keys.
ONE AND ONLY. Each individual is unique and have their own identity, so there is one and only mandala for each time a person’s name is written.
︎︎︎ Creative Coding: Processing
Date: December 2018