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This project was created during my masters in Advanced 3D Production at Escuela Trazos. 

Responsible for all aspects. 
Softwares: Maya + ZBrush + Agisoft
+ Substance Painter + Mari + Arnold + Nuke

Date: May 2022

“Ballerina” was my final project for my Master's in Escuela Trazos (Madrid). With this project, I mainly wanted to show my skills as a 3D generalist, being able to model hard-surface and organic objects with Maya and ZBrush and do advanced texturing with Mari and Substance. Additionally, I also used Agisoft for photogrammetry of my face, XGen for the eyebrows and eyelashes, the Advanced Skeleton plug-in for rigging, and Nuke for compositing.

“Ballerina” was initially inspired by several different artists such as Frederik Heyman, Erwin Olaf, and Ron Mueck. I found the cold and lifeless feel of some of their pieces really interesting and decided to create a cyborg of myself. Furthermore, the setting where the scene takes places was inspired by Kraftwerk Berlin, and although I went through several variations of the space, I finally came to one that fit the piece. Once I had a character and a setting, I had to think of the “story”, and for this, I drew inspiration from my own personal memories growing up attending a dance conservatory.

As you can probably guess from the main subject, the cyborg represents me and the machine-like nature I felt in such a strict environment. During my time in the dance school, there were always such high expectations of technical performance that I eventually lost touch with my artistic expression and felt like I had become a robot repeating steps A to Z. For this reason, the cyborg in “Ballerina” is holding still in an attitude pose while placed on a rotating object, expressionless. This being said, I truly love dancing, I just had to get away from the industry to reconnect with the art.